M-LINX™ for Proof of Delivery

A solution that enables your mobile workers to be more responsive to your customers and to the needs of the business for accurate and timely information.

With M-LINXTM Proof of Delivery, drivers collect proof of pick up or delivery and other reporting information electronically – significantly reducing paperwork while increasing the speed and accuracy of information delivered to the customer.

Highly Configurable

Enforce processes, replicate work flows, and any paper forms.

Proof of Delivery

Provides a time stamp and signatures for both pick up and delivery.

Bar Code and RFID Scanning

Scan individual items or a consolidated item (pallet) and other information such as location ID.

Track by Lot number

Ability to record lot numbers at time of delivery.

Ad-hoc pickup

Enable your drivers to pickup returns when on route.

Simple Integration

Using our standard layouts, integration is simplified to extend your current systems power to the field.


Optional navigation module to provide drivers with GPS based services and head office with visibility of the fleet.

Pre-Departure Inspection

Enforce the completion of pre departure inspections and any other processes.

Proven Technology

Reliable and robust technology platform utilizing MCC’s M-LINX™ mobile engine.

Asset Tracking

Track leased or rental equipment to ensure you are maintaining your investments.

  • Eliminate paperwork & data entry errors
  • Improve driver performance and morale
  • Enhance customer satisfaction, SLA’s and competitive edge
  • Enforce business processes
  • Ensure accurate delivery
  • Expedite access to critical data
  • Increase productivity


MCC is a leading full service provider of real time field force mobility and optimization solutions. M-LINXTM is proven to dramatically enhance customer service and retention while reducing operating costs.

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