Medical Waste – Mobile Pickup and Tracking Solution

Biohazards and regulated medical waste must be strictly handled and tracked ensuring a compliant collection process!

M-LINX™ is focused exclusively in providing companies with flexible systems that allow them to comply with operational requirements and programs. Medical waste management is no exception. By empowering your operations with a configurable solution puts you in full CONTROL and allows you to protect your people, while safeguarding the environment from the risks associated with biohazards.

Backed by over 28 years of providing mobile industry expertise, our M-LINX™ solutions are built with the required features that mobile workers rely on a daily basis.

Our M-LINX™ solution is a MODULAR-BASED suite of products designed to provide flexibility and growth as your operations expands.


  • Paperless pickup and delivery solution
  • CRM
  • Configurable electronic forms using drop lists and check boxes
  • Barcode scanning identification to identify containers and activate pickup
  • Track and account for all picked up containers
  • Identify containers as ‘Clean’ or ‘Waste’, Size and Waste Type
  • Scan to update status location (IE: Customer, Truck, Storage, Autoclave etc)
  • Service Order Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Capture container weight to support accurate billings
  • Collect customer notes and signatures electronically
  • Supports multi warehouse/plant operations
  • Active web portal for tracking events and access to reports and forms
  • Electronic Signature Capture and retention
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Productivity Dashboard
  • GPS Tracking and Breadcrumbs
  • Equipment Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking


  • Significant reductions to administrative activities
  • Full compliance, visibility and safety practises
  • Remove cost and management of dealing with pre-printed paper forms
  • Electronic forms allows drivers to quickly and easily update status
  • Provide customer with an electronic manifest with status and tracking identification
  • Real time visibility into field operations
  • Accurately track and account for all products/assets
  • Electronic invoices provide increased cash flow by reducing AR collection time
  • Proactive notification or alerting for conditions or progress not met
  • Real time integration of data to 3rd party systems
  • Access to historical or real time reports
  • Standardized operating process for all drivers and system users

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MCC is a leading full service provider of real time field force mobility and optimization solutions. M-LINXTM is proven to dramatically enhance customer service and retention while reducing operating costs.

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